Scenic Byway
Shawangunk Mountain Scenic Byway meadow with heart trees
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  G. Steve Jordan is the first artist that we are featuring and it is with great honor. His photographs have added beauty and depth to the work we have already presented and we are grateful for his generosity and talent. Steve has been photographing the Shawangunk Mountains for over a decade through every season and in every photograph there’s a new, even more enticing image.
  For twenty years Jordan has been an award-winning location photographer for corporate and institutional clients across the country. Additionly, he has been the official photographer of the New Year’s festivities for the last ten years, responsible for the single dramatic image of One Times Square when the ball is dropped.
  Take a few moments and look through some of his work, then begin planning your trip to our beautiful region.
 “At my gallery, we hear all the time from people around the country who have left the area and suddenly realized they took for granted the special beauty of the region. One person e-mailed us from Colorado stating that: ‘...the Rockies have nothing over the ‘Gunks!’ Sometimes we all need a reminder to take a moment to appreciate the landscape, and the Scenic Byway designation is one such reminder. Residents and visitors alike should be justly proud of one more affirmation that this lovely area is indeed unique. ”      —Steve Jordan